Optimizing NC Tool Paths for Five-Axis Milling using Evolutionary Algorithms on Wavelets

Weinert, K.1, a; Zabel, A.1, b; Müller, H.2, c; Kersting, P.1, d

Institut für Spanende Fertigung, Universität Dortmund, Baroper Str. 301, 44227 Dortmund
Lehrstuhl für Graphische Systeme (Informatik VII), Technische Universität Dortmund, Otto-Hahn-Str. 16, 44227 Dortmund

a) weinert@isf.de; b) zabel@isf.de; c) mueller@ls7.cs.uni-dortmund.de; d) petra.kersting@isf.de


Computer aided NC-path generation of five-axis milling using a standard CAM-system does usually not take machine dynamics and kinematics into account. This results in machine movements which are often not smooth enough and lead to a deficient surface quality. In order to reduce undesirable abrupt motion changes, an approach for optimizing the NC-path by using a standard evolution strategy is shown in this paper as well as first results of applying this algorithm to the five-axis milling process.


Evolution Strategy, Wavelets, Five-Axis Milling, Mechanical Engineering


In: Conference Proceedings Pt. II; Genetic and Evolutionary Computation - GECCO 2006: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, 2006, Seattle, WA, USA, Keijzer, M.; et al (Hrsg.), ISBN 1-59593-186-4, S. 1809-1816