In-situ measurement of rake face temperatures in orthogonal cutting

Saelzer, J.1, a; Berger, S.1, b; Iovkov, I.1, c; Zabel, A.1, d; Biermann, D.1, e

Institut für Spanende Fertigung, Technische Universität Dortmund, Baroper Str. 303, 44227 Dortmund

a); b); c); d); e)


In machining, the thermal load significantly influences the tool wear and the workpiece quality, thus limitingthe productivity. Therefore, a new experimental setup for the high-speed measurement of the rake face tem-perature in orthogonal cutting without substantially affecting the chip formation was developed. The investi-gations focus on the influence of different rake face preparation methods and cutting parameters on thetemperature of the rake face, measured in the immediate vicinity of the cutting edge. The presented resultssignificantly improve the understanding of the process and provide new insights for the tool developmentand the validation of cutting models


Cutting; Temperature; Chip


CIRP Annals, 69 (2020) 1, S. 61-64, doi: /10.1016/j.cirp.2020.04.021